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Our Products

At The Ginger Beer Engine we pride ourselves on producing the finest selection of home crafted products for your consumption.

Traditional Ginger Beer

Always available from The Engine, our legendary ginger beer is brewed using an original ginger beer plant with no added preservatives and only the colour and flavour you get from real ginger.  

Because our ginger beer is alive (thanks to the amazing properties of the ginger beer plant) we only serve it from The Ginger Beer Engine. If we were to sell our ginger beer in bottles, the bottles could explode or we would need to add nasty preservatives to stop the ginger beer plant working it's explosive magic.

The fermentation process used to make our ginger beer produces a small amount of alcohol, under 0.5 percent that means you would need to drink 4 pints to consume under 1 unit of alcohol.

Traditional Lemonade

The Engine never leaves the yard without a good supply of this old favourite. Lots of lemons, sugar and sparkling water.

We don't use the ginger beer plant in our lemonade so it is totally alcohol free.

Seasonal Specials

The Engine’s 3rd tap is reserved for a variety of seasonal specials. When the elderflowers are on the trees you can enjoy our Elderflower Bubbly or as summer

moves to autumn The Engine will deliver Dandelion and Burdock.

We never tire of researching old recipes and developing new drinks both traditional and modern.

Try our Mohitish with mint and demerara or London Fields Forever with a field of Strawberries in every cup.

If there is a drink you think we should try please let us know.

The Engine

The Ginger Beer Engine is an improbable machine designed and built by our Ginger Beer Engineer. It allows us to bring our range of traditional beverages to the thirsty public.

Us And The Environment

All our cups are biodegradable and we are finding other ways to limit our environmental impact.